Some idiot of an agent crammed too many in the lift and it broke down. Here is hoping the OC charges them as they had to call in the fireys to get them out. Which meant our lift is stuffed up again! I’m sick of climbing up and down 5 flights of stairs and make it 6 when it’s all the way down to get my car 😩

Mr Wanderer came around last night. We had sex twice. We also had our talk this morning. He doesn’t want to have another go with me. He said his situation hasn’t changed. And I’ll ditch him again. And he can’t cope with that.

It’s fair enough. Guess I was just lonely when I thought of it. I was quite miserable with him. Happy to be friends with benefits.

Meanwhile I have a date tonight. A semi retired builder that mentors young men. He seems nice.

As for today I’m busy trying to study 😩.

It’s not getting through this thick head 😂

Dance class at 3pm. I’m talking heaps to the guy I have liked since I started class. He’s cute. Great dancer and fun. The thing is I think he’s attached. Bummer 😩

$22 dinner includes a drink which is quite good value. You can choose a beer, house wine or a soft drink.
$16 you get a bowl of noodle soup, Vietnamese coleslaw and some free range duck. It’s not bad but I was expecting the traditional dried bamboo shoots.
I’ve rearranged my furniture. So my dining table is tucked away.
It means I have more room. And it exposes my island bench. The table used to back on to the bench.