The sun is out. It looks glorious outside. I should go out. Problem is every time I think of going out I have to work out and multi task as my lift is out and it means 5-6 flights of stairs down then up again.

Port Melbourne town hall
Our Supreme Court
The front of it
Floors being put down for my dance class.

I love my dance class. It’s such good fun. I have improved and also has my fitness. I don’t huff and puff anymore when walking long distances.

Today is my day off. So here goes composing my to do list.

Things for my apartment once I save up for it..

Pendant lights for my island bench. As my apartment is quite modern I want to give it a bit of character.

Blinds for my bedrooms. They look a bit grotty as it used to be a rental.

Extra exhaust fan for my bathrooms. That way less mould in the showers. As to replace the whole bathroom over here costs 20-30K each and I’ve got 2!

Not sure if I want my slider now. The handymen that did my wall had a look and they said it’s heavy. And apartments only got tin studs which might not be strong enough to hold the weight.

Clad my entrance wall with mini orb (colorbond) to make it more colourful. And to protect my wall from scuffs. I only want to clad the lower bit of it.

Wouldn’t mind replacing my bamboo floors but it costs too much so it will have to stay for now.

Work out what to do with my balcony.

And I guess that’s it. My wish list! Now I need to concentrate on working on my trip. August is just around the corner.

My trip..Paris, Bruge, Amsterdam, Praque, Vienna, Venice, Florence and London.