Yesterday shopping for clothes I realised I’ve grown old. Staring back at me was a middle aged person with rolls and flabs everywhere .

I have either not paid attention to it or in denial ?

It was confronting to say the least. Gone was the nice waist line and flawless legs.

My legs used to be one of my best assets now replaced by varicose veins.

Yes occupational hazard of standing up all day dispensing scripts.

My middle is now a tyre from eating too much junk food and ice cream .

Walked past an ice cream pop up yesterday and well couldn’t resist could I? ended up with a single scoop. The girl that served me asked nicely if I would have an extra scoop for only another $2?

I laughed and told her that no thank you as I was being naughty as is.

Note to self: As of Monday I’m going to be good. More walkies, less eaties.