Chuck me in the deep end and watch me swim . I’ve never not risen to the challenge . The only thing I do not do is conflicts . I hate fighting, I hate conflicts.

Lately it’s been tough. Took me forever to resign because I used to love my work place. I knew my work I knew people and yet I made a heart breaking decision to leave.

It broke me. I thought I’d let it be for awhile whilst I get back on my feet only to apply for another job pretty much the week after.

If you know me I never let opportunities pass me by. That’s another of my philosophy . Maybe it was meant to be because the company went out of their way to secure me.

After one day at work I’m thinking what the heck am I doing here? It goes against what I am about?

Though I’m trying to swim my strokes are feeble and I feel like I’m not going anywhere . Even now I am telling myself to toughen up. Stop sulking and start swimming.

Been wearing my new shoes so I can walk in them next week.

Next bit draw myself a map of the hospital so I don’t get lost. Save my legs.

After that print out some colourful tags of names of the wards so I can delivery my meds quickly and efficiently .
Can an old dog learn new tricks? Of course it can if it wanted to?