I decided to chop off all of my hair when hubby was overseas . With all that has happened I wanted a new start.

A hair cut to me symbolises that . A new leaf to turn and also a rebellion against the world.

Vanitywise I know I looked better with long hair. It made my face less round and gave me that sexy alluring look.

Personalitywise I have always loved short hair. No combing or brushing . Just a quick application of hair fudge by running my fingers through and it’s done.

To me short hair means freedom, freedom to be me not some sexy thing for hubby . I know he loves my long hair.

Last night at a family gathering one of the guests said to me I do like your short hair it gives you a cool look. So much character and personality mind you she was half drunk .

Later on I had his brother in law aka his sister’s husband telling me the chop didn’t suit my face. That he liked me with long hair.

Then came his sisters one after the other saying what a dreadful waste to chop it all off all that beautiful hair.

To top it all off his niece was like have you considered dyeing your greys?

That’s my inlaws for you. They don’t hold back and I don’t take offence as that’s who they are, straight to the point no beating around the bush .

Now that I have had a think about it, it has nothing to do with them.

It’s my hair and well I like short hair and yes it gives me a rounder face and yes it doesn’t render me as a typical traditional Asian with a long flowy mane to match, so what ?

So what if I don’t want to be the stereotype? So what if I don’t want long hair? So what if I want to be me?

Me with the round face and greys. Yes that’s definitely me all over.