This morning I ventured into FB to find an old blog friend from Multiply days tagging me to her old post.

It was a poem she dedicated to me years ago. She commented on it today . It’s all passed just memory now?

I replied yes and told her because of her reminder I’d better go send him his pressie. Nearly forgot all about it.

Then I walked into the post office shop to share a counter with one of our clients whom I didn’t recognise at first.

As he turned around I said hello and that was when he recognised me too with my short hair .

We got talking and he was saying how this year has been horrible etc . Turned out he’s a snake , a water snake. Told him he’s exactly 12 years younger than my dad .

It was after I’d posted the parcel away that I remembered. Aubergine is also a water snake. He’s the same age as Aubergine .

How funny is that ? Two reminders in the same day. Now I’m getting worried hope he’s okie.

I wrote these when I was at my lowest

Sad eyes so sad

Sad lips forgot to pout

Sad hair so tangled

Sad heart forgot to beat

And after our meeting :

Feet do not want to move

Arms do not want to part

Eyes do not want to look away

These two poems were direct translations from the original Viet ones.

My girls like to go to the flour market. The line starts early so it takes them an hour to line up. This is their stash 🙂