Someone wise said to me pick your battles . So I did. We went back to Bunnings today. I got an undermount sink for him. At least I got the size I wanted and a reasonable quality one . If I had left it up to him he’d grab a cheapo.

Then we continued on to Richmond as he wanted to grab stuff for dinner and also lunch for his staff .

He ended up dropping me off in the city to have lunch, souvlaki and to buy a cake for my friend .

One of our beautiful churches . St Patrick’s Cathedral.

After lunch I walked to Brunetti to grab my tiramisu, one for her and one for us. Will give dad some of ours. He loves cakes.

This building (Manchester Unity Building) is opposite our town hall . I didn’t know they do tours through the building . Will have to go one day.

I thought about going through the mall to the memorial but felt too sad .
Today brought with it mixed feelings. I was hypervigilant walking today . A thug made me jump when he knocked one of the chairs at the table I was sitting for lunch. Usually I would just think what a wanker.

The thing is I shouldn’t be feeling like this as Melbourne is still relatively safe and still filled with nice people.

My oldest left her keys on the train yesterday . She phoned me to tell me that there was no tiramisu and that she’s lost them.

I told her to ring up Metro lost properties to see if anyone handed them in?

Came home to see her keys so I asked her where did she find them ? Apparently someone handed them in to lost properties.