I’m positive he’s passing the buck. Our parenting is such that I’m the disciplinarian . He’s the good guy.

Our 20 years old came home today and she went straight to find me. 

Mum you know this Saturday I’ve made plans with J before dad told me it’s New Year at Aunty’s house.

It’s once a year . It’s expected that we are there. You can’t get out of this one.

Plus you’ve been hanging around J the last few days . You can catch up with her another day. 

It’s J’s birthday and we are going to a concert. 

Ummm so now I feel really bad but..he must have told her go ask your mum.

It is his side I can’t get out of it and neither can the kids.They are easy going people but still tradition is tradition.

Our tradition is that on the 1st you go to your in laws, your husband’s side . Then on the 2nd you go to your side.   The third is reserved for teachers and friends ie. non-family. 

Finally they are all wrapped found two of hubby’s favourite wine so didn’t have to go buy more. 

I’ve taken everything off our display shelf so I can dust. As for the items themselves , I will give them all a bath.