No negativity today. I felt so drained yesterday. Had long naps and was still sleepy. Did manage to finish all my repeats folders. Also sorted out my sauces and cleaned my rangehood filter.

Set the alarm for 7am this morning ended up waking up at 545am. I went back to sleep. Feeling a bit better. May be I was just tired or down or both.

Should have caught up with my sleep by now. Spent half of last week in bed pretty much.

Today I’m off to the city volunteering . Smiley face on this morning. Then I’ll come home as hubby is stuck at the business.

Thought he’d be at the rental fixing it up but nope. I was wrong . The vaccination booking system is up and well we are still fiddling around with it .
He’s still yet to block out the times when it’s not available. Thus people book left right and centre . It’s in blocks of 5 minutes and we are still trying to figure out who booked when ?

It’s a nightmare in the making and even telling the software people to dismantle it for one week didn’t help. That’s why we were stuffed on Saturday as we couldn’t see the bookings. They just turn up and we had no idea.

With the government cuts and what not this was supposed to be an extra earner. If not for the nursing home we serviced we’d be in dire straits.

There’s not that many of us around now. All discounted ones and they have the buying power thus we can’t match their prices.

Years ago we used to send our staff to buy their stock to resell until they stamped them with their logos . How can you match prices that’s lower than what we buy from the wholesalers?

In the end hubby went to me and said we’ve got to do something . He said the shop’s not performing as it should. We can’t go on as an independent . We really had no front of shop as we are situated only 10 minutes away from two major shopping centres. The only thing we had was scripts and service. And with the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) cuts we weren’t making much from scripts. 

In the end we decided to join a banner group that mainly concentrated on service not discounting. 

It was at a price of 30K a year. A huge chunk of our profit but it had to be done. We’ve taken on diet program, blood testing program and now the latest this vaccination program. Hence why hubby is going back to school to qualify as a diabetic educator to provide even more service. 

The shop have improved somewhat but still we can’t be complacent . The PBS keeps on cutting . The nursing home area is grey. They’ve just got in a new chief. It’s bad news for us as if they want to implement changes we might be the first to go. We can’t compete with big nursing home service providers.

The only thing we have is proximity and our pretty much 24 hours on call. We do all of our own service calls. That’s the one thing the big mob can’t match . They don’t have money to pay for pharmacists to be 24 hours on call. It’s like $100 a pop.

The only hope is the old chief really liked our service hence he said he won’t hesitate to recommend us to his new place. 

With me not accepting work this year we’ve got no safety gauge. If something goes wrong we won’t have an income. The income from the shop won’t hardly cover our huge mortgage. Our script trade comes mainly from the nursing home. 
Here is hoping we are established enough to weather this huge storm brewing. Either that or sell up what we have. 

Worse comes to worse like my friend from Scouts said. We came here 37 years ago with nothing . We can always start again. 

Today that’s what I think . Yes he’s right. We can always start again. If you’d asked me yesterday I’d just say what’s the point?