It’s only 917am. I’m not due to pick up until 950am. In saying that I’ll head off to get change and walk to our booth in about 5 minutes.

I like to be early .

I thought I could smell the rain coming this morning . It’s only drizzling now. A welcome change from a week of heat .

Just got to my favourite station. Everyone hurriedly walking to work or to wherever it is they are going. 

I’m sitting on a sofa. If I could I’d go back to sleep. So very sleepy even though I’ve had my instant this morning.
Southern Cross station is attached to a factory outlet shopping centre. The outlet is on the top level. The shops don’t open til 10am. 

On the way in I was at the platform when it started to drizzle . Thus I moved to shelter.

Another person follow suit. He had an overpowering scent. He must have overdone it with his eau de cologne this morning. 

Whilst I was standing there I thought to myself . I know that scent from somewhere. It smelt familiar. For the hell of me I couldn’t place it.

Too many men. Must be one of those that didn’t leave a lasting impression. 

On the train I saw a couple that I thought was a funny match. Kind of like opposite attracts . She’s all dolled up in her suit. He had tattoos all over in his shorts and Tshirt. How cute.

Then there’s businessmen uptight in their suits and tie. Then there’s the go between that’s got no ties on and the last but not least no suit just trousers and shirt and runners. 

And then there’s me in jeans and a top and boots. Blame it on the packed like tuna train trip . I had no other amusement except for people watching.