My daughter woke me up around 545am this morning . Woke up anyway as I couldn’t sleep.

It’s 1016am now. Not sure how to spend my day today. Hoping to drive down to the hidey hole tonight thus I need to rest .

Plus my cold is not going anywhere soonish. My nose is still running and I’m tired and cold. Can’t seem to warm me up. I’m in bed with a tee and fleecies on and a down doona on top.

Will get up and go grab lunch. My friend just showed me a place near us that makes really nice Indo fish cakes . Might go and try. They don’t open til 1130am. I’ll take the kids and then take away for hubby if he doesn’t want to come along. 

The oldest have gone off to study only got the two younger ones at home.

The restaurant is about 36 minutes walk from us or a 6 minutes drive. It’s opposite the last tram stop and is right across from the park.