I’m pretty stuck. Up to my second set of drawings for the internal lay out.

Can’t seem to make it work. It’s because I want to give all the bedrooms a window. Don’t know how to go about it. 

The restrictive terrace house don’t have windows down the side which makes it that much harder to work out .

With the building being so narrow there’s not much scope to have two rooms side by side. 

The front bit was easy enough. It will hold the living area and the master bedroom.

I was hoping to squeeze in the kitchen as well which was impossible to do.

The WC of the master will also act as the guest WC with two way doors.

I’ve drawn it to scale so it’s easier to imagine.

The back bit was much harder to work out. 

This was where all the dead spaces were. I had that 1.8m width bit that was adjacent to the car space which was too small for a bedroom.

Thus in went the laundry and bathroom. Was going to have the washing machine and trough on the left then realised they needed to be on the right as needed an entry in from the car space.

Then I was going to use the space next to bedroom 3 as a walk in pantry. 

I’ve since changed my mind. I will convert the whole area into a walk through linen/pantry area. It makes sense too to utilise the whole area (2.6m width) rather than a 1.5m width and a corridor.

Bedroom 1 and 2 will open into the courtyard. Bedroom 3 will open just before I block off that storage area.