I’ve given in. Have bowed to the overwhelming pressure. Can’t have one of our GPs coming in asking about my cards now can we?

Was going to make some tonight only to find out I only had envelopes but no cards.

So will have to go on Saturday to Westfield to grab some more.

Meanwhile I’m cutting out flowers all ready to go for my Mother’s Day cards. I cut them roughly first and then will cut them each individually.

They take awhile to cut. It’s a way of me calming my mind. It’s soothing.

These sheets of paper I buy on sale. I only buy them when they are 50c. I can get a few cards out of one sheet. Otherwise they sell them for $1.60 each and it’s way too expensive.

The cards will sell for $3.95 each. Card and packaging costs $1.50 each and as for my time it’s free really. It takes that long to make one it’s a labour of love.

Felt happy this evening that people asked about my cards. Guess they must like them to buy them 😊