Hubby is off this morning to pick up his friend from the airport. 

I might have to pop into the business to catch up a bit . Didn’t feel like it last night so I didn’t go in.
Nothing much is opened today. Our only hope is to go into Richmond to eat. Asian centres don’t celebrate Easter or Christmas thus they are opened all year round. 

Since his friend is due early hubby is thinking of taking him back here as the hotel don’t do check ins until 2-3pm.

He’s coming from Viet Nam with his daughter to settle her in at school. He’s popped her into a private boarding school in the woop woop. It’s about 60km from Melbourne. Guess the daughter won’t have any chance of acting up. Lots of overseas students act up over here. Their parents filthy rich, the kids spoilt brats. 

The stories my sister tells, one kid she had to deport back as she was sexting meeting old men when she’s only a minor. Another kid depressed and not studying or their English not up to scratch. Then one got pregnant so got sent home. 

The thing is the school year have started which means she’s missed a term of schooling already . Anyhow not sure how good her English is hopefully it’s not too much of a struggle. To top it off we Aussies have an accent.

Today is just going to be another fluffed at home day. 
Since the kids don’t want to go down to the hidey hole we are going on Sunday morning now instead of Saturday night after his sister’s. Then will come back on Monday night. 

Hubby want to go down to relax . I want to go down to check the damages from the storm the other day. Plus still got stuff to sort out. 

Feeling a bit better and brighter today . Here is hoping I’m over the worse of my cold. 

Need to put on my clown face all weekend this weekend.
Got to show his friend the wonderful and sexy wife that I am . Arghhhh just want to puke 😩