Hmmmm I’m not too thrilled. May be I’m just judgmental. His friend gave me a gift. Chanel no. 5 I was like you didn’t have to. Thank goodness my mum just adore Chanel no. 5 as I don’t wear anything like that.

He kept on going on and on about how everything has changed . Viet Nam is not like what it was in 2003. It’s richer now everything is better. Yet when asked about food he goes I only eat at high end restaurants as their food is guaranteed . You can’t eat at the markets as they recycle their meats . Rotten meats are then washed with chemicals .

Oh and I live in an apartment high up as down below the air is not too good . It’s polluted. Very well for him to do so since he’s rich . What about the poor? The ones ended up sick or dying from the recycled meat? The ones with respiratory problems from the polluted air? 

And yet he kept on going on and on about me needing to make time to go to Viet Nam. 

No thanks. Once was enough. Melbourne is my home now. Viet Nam was my birth place but is no longer somewhere I call home. As for taking holidays I’d rather go somewhere where I don’t have to worry about the food I eat or the pick pockets. 

Then we went out to lunch and he paid. Anyhow from the gist of it he’s popped his little darling into a school in the woop woop. 

One look of her and I was like lucky you. She sounded like a little brat. Only two years older than my oldest and already make up on. Lipstick bright red as. Talking about brand names and browsing which hand bags she wanted to buy. Wanting to talk her dad into letting her have a boyfriend.

I was like our kids are only allowed to date once they reach uni. And if they want to buy something they need to work for it and pay out of their own money.

May be she thinks us living here we’re more opened like the Aussies where they date at a young age.

I’m like oh my if any of my kids are like that they get the boot. 

Hubby have since offered to drive her back to Melbourne every weekend? I hope not. 

Eventhough my kids drive me mad I’m not happy to be responsible for someone else’ kid especially a little brat like her. 

It’s an hour and a half drive to the school and then the same back. Even if hubby wanted to he won’t have time. Saturday he spends most of the day at work. Then Sunday is the only family day we have.

Fingers crossed the boarding school will sort her out. All I could do was shake my head. 

May be that’s what happens when you’re filthy rich. Mum and dad give you everything.