This morning I’ve brainstormed and gone through the apartment and noted down all the electrical points that I might need. 

Since we won’t have a garden I won’t need power points for garden lights and what not. They are handy for back yard heaters too or for a flood light. Also useful for the new continuous gas hot water system as the igniter is now electric . 

In the kitchen I’m going to install a track light. I found it quite useful at our old place as you can point the lights to where you want extra lighting.

At present I have 4 double power points for appliances alone and still found it wasn’t enough since I leave them sitting there in the butler. 

As for the bathroom no matter how small you’d still need at least two lights. One to light up the vanity and one for the over all bathroom . At our rental we couldn’t install two lights thus we opted for a double track light with one pointed at the vanity. 

In the dining/ study room I’ve included a phone line. Might not need it since we all use mobiles now.  As for internet points do we still really need them ? 

Forgot to include power points for printers faxes etc and also a ceiling fan and a smoke detector. 

The bedrooms are going to be small and since we’ve got high ceilings I’m going to put a ceiling and fan combination in each of the bedroom to help circulate the air. 
I’ve included vac. points which are pretty much power points accessible for the vacuum cleaner. 

I think that’s it for now. It helps to write it down as then I can just add more as I think of them.

It is always best to have more power points than needed as it’s expensive adding them later on. 

Next bit is to plan my kitchen and pantry.