Is happening today . I didn’t crawl out of bed until after 11am. We’ve just had lunch, Red Rooster.

I’m soaking the dishes at the moment and have since popped a load in the washing machine.

As for dinner ? I think the kids want spam ham spaghetti.

I’ll just have to go grab some cucumbers I think.

Found two packets of Tim Tam this morning when I was having my coffee. Either the kids have bought them or my niece brought them when she came over for a visit.

My favourite is double chocolate. 

At the they actually show you how to do a Tim Tam slam with a photo demonstration.

Now that Tim Tam is available in the US I’m sure it will be as loved as it is over here. We all love our Tim Tams.

The tuna was on sale the other day at $1 each. I wanted to try them out but just in case they tasted like crap I only bought one of each.