I’m off to the city for lunch. I want udon. Sit a bit with my friend . The one going through divorce. 

Then hopefully off to the council to grab the plans . What a rigmarole. It’s been 3 weeks. He phoned before to say he’s got the plans but he wants to make sure it’s the right lot.

Anyhow if not it would have to be Tuesday. At least we are on the right track. The lot was of another address before it was developed hence the confusion. 

I figured it’s a bit easier to catch public transport than trying to navigate the roads to the council. Traffic is horrendous on Bell. It’s a road connecting to the Ring Rd freeway and the freeway to the airport . It’s not going there that’s a problem. It’s coming back if I should get back around 3-4pm . Tradies over here start early and they knock off early like 230pm-3pm and traffic get banked up.

Not to mention the long weekend. Everyone will be heading away. 

This morning I was successful at ringing the health insurance and got my statement.

Also didn’t have to ring work since they were on to it real quick. Found my payment summary in my email this morning.

All in all my tax papers are in order except for hubby’s bit. 

Looking forward to lunch as I won’t get there til 130pm. Missed the train by 1 minute thus had to wait another 16 minutes for the next train.