My lunch today . I gobbled it down as was starving by 130pm.

The plate of tempura was eggplant, crab croquet and sweet potato . It’s yum.

After that I went to sit with my friend . He updated me on his divorce proceedings.

It’s an ugly one for sure. He sounded like he’s on the way to get it sorted .

He confided in me I’m giving her the house but I want my kids. 

He said I don’t care about the money . I care about my peace of mind. Money I can make and for that I’m willing to give her the whole lot. Call it a donation. 

His philosophy was that people only want money because they think they can’t make money. Where as he can make money thus he couldn’t care less. 

I stayed pretty late since he needed to talk. He was upset his wife wanted full custody. His two older kids are above 12 which means they can choose who they live with. 

He’s pretty sure if it comes down to the kids’ views they’d want to live with him. In his mind he didn’t want to split them up.

I advised him to use his advantage with the older two to leverage for 50 % custody of all three if he wants to keep them together. 

Anyhow only two more months to go before the year is up. I consoled him once it’s over you’ll be free. Only another few months . 

He’s also giving up his business. He wants to find a 9-5pm job so he can spend more time with his kids. 

He was pretty upbeat . I think he’s figured it all out hence the upbeat. He told me he doesn’t have many that he confides with. They all judge him. He let on he’s told me more than the others .

I’m glad. Guess he sees me as an old friend . We’ve known each other for 32 years now and still counting .

It will be sad when he sells his stall. It’s where we old friends all go to yap. 

Closing up time. All the stall holders store their stock in these trolleys all locked up. 

It’s only just after 4pm and it’s cold . The light playing on the buildings was pretty awesome. 

Bought some rice wine chestnut flavour for dinner. Hubby seemed to like it. I’m a beer girl not a rice wine girl .