I don’t mind paying for quality . If it is what it is.

I was a bit dubious when my compression stockings came with a tag Made in Taiwan.
I was that desperate anything would do since the Switzerland made ones with the silicone dots caused me to have an allergic reaction that still haven’t subsided.

So I tried them on and they fitted okie thus popped both pairs in the wash on the hand wash cycle and at 30C.

Wore one yesterday and they were fine. The pair today? It nearly cut off my circulation. 

So have emailed the company. Crappy stockings for sure. 

On closer inspection both came in the same looking box and same size, same class. Only when I had a look at the tag did I realise they were different. Two different brands altogether . Thus either they’ve rebranded or they made a mix up.

The former might be it as the brands are very similar. 

Anyhow will ring them on Monday and see what they say. Sick of inferior products that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.