Nope I haven’t gone awol. Just couldn’t face typing it out. Another week over .

How did Sunday come by so quick ?

Went into work yesterday to find the computers won’t talk to each other.

It’s bad news as whatever I dispense won’t go to the til and account. After booting up the server it didn’t seem to work either. 

Anyhow gave up after three goes. Fred can be temperamental. 

My girl started making macarons yesterday. She’s still got the curd to make today. They turned out pretty good. She was worried they weren’t going to turn out this way she still have today to redo.

List for today:


Wrap mum’s pressie, didn’t get around to it yesterday.

Finish off the fish cake. It was late when I remembered about it. Only need to add the dill and lightly pan fry them today.

Dishes and laundry.


Concert at 1pm for my youngest. Her last concert ever at the music school as she’s not doing piano anymore. 

Asked hubby this morning to fix my clothes lines for me. His reply , ok wait for it. He was straddling on me and this was his reply. You’ve got to give me an incentive to fix it you know?

He meant sex 😖😖😖😖😖

We only did it yesterday ? 

I know my wife. If I don’t f…her she’s going to go find someone else to f…She always have someone on the side😩