Instead of catching the train to the city for lunch I decided to stay in Hawthorn for lunch. It was getting rather late and well I’d miss the next train and will have to wait for the one after anyway.

This place is very close to Glenferrie Station. Just around the corner on Burwood Rd. This is at an upmarket Japanese restaurant . They don’t advertise their cheap lunches.

If you’re a big eater they have a $18 special where you choose two mains instead of 1 like above plus fried chicken.

I find that if you go as a couple then one orders the $10 and one the $18 plus a pot of tea $2 is plenty . Works out to be $15 per head for lunch. If you don’t drink tea there’s complimentary water.

I had trouble finishing their $10 meal today. It’s quite a big serve. 

If not for that very first time having time to waste, pounding the pavement, that my eyes caught their lunch special menu. 

Their massive and expensive menu was posted on the right hand side of the door. The lunch special was printed as an A4 on the left hand side of the door.

So if you only looked at one side you’d walk past it. And I did walk past it thinking it was too expensive.

It’s my favourite place to eat when I’m in Hawthorn. The service is always top notch and with a smile. The food delicious and cheap. Well for lunch anyway. 

A public square near the town hall. 

On way back to Glenferrie station. It’s uni town so lots of cool places to eat. Swinburne uni. is just a walk away. 

This is looking the other way. $15 for a jug of beer is a bargain.