For the last two years I’ve organised a Christmas competition for the neighbourhood kids. A good will kind of thing that we do as a business. Keeps the kids entertained whilst their mums shop 

It also helps us decorate our tree in the shop window. 

One year I had characters from the kids’ movies and they had to find them and name them . Not only that they had to answer the questionnaire. The questions give them hints. 

My name is…I melt in the sun..etc

Then last year I had so much trouble sourcing soft toys that I ended up with a huge amount of Pokemon balls and Yokais for the competition . It was easier for the younger kids . No questions this time just fun counting how many balls and Yokais were in the shop window.

Then all the right answers get popped into a hat and drawn before Christmas. 

Usually I buy quite a bit of soft toys thus most kids would get a little something.

The thing is now that I’m not working this year have to be a good one.

What am I going to do this year? 

One thing for sure I’d better start sourcing soft toys now.