Today my mats arrived . I think the owners must have driven here to have brunch.

Very happy with them. They are spongy underfoot and fitted perfectly.

My bench required two mats 1400mm and a 1800mm. My pantry 1400mm.

Only needed to snip a little with my scissors and since it’s soft sponge it was easy peasy. I’ll snip the one under the dishwasher too it’s poking out.

Also went on the internet to buy the plushies. Have bought three sets, Cars, Zootopia and Secret Life of Pets. Free delivery for all three plus a further 10% discount.

The kids will have to name all the characters of the three movies to go into the draw.

Today’s list:

More washing 

Get hubby to hang my blinds for me 

Weekend chores

School stuff ready for next week

My blinds are coming on Monday 😍 will have to stay home in the morning for the installation before I go to the airport to meet my friend.

The installer assured me it will be done by 12pm. I need to be at the airport by 2pm.

Considering it’s only 25 minutes to get into the city by train it’s another 30-45 minutes on the Sky Bus. The Sky Bus runs every 10 minutes which is really good. Problem is the traffic. They are upgrading the Tulla freeway and well you can never tell.

So if I leave at 12pm I should get there on time touch wood. My friend lands at 1:20pm but the courtesy bus to her hotel won’t be there til 2pm. 

She booked a bit later just in case as she’s travelling with luggages.

As for me I only really need my toothbrush and undies and I’m good to go.

I’m looking forward to seeing her as I might not be able to for a long time. Her goal is to earn enough the next two years and then go off to Hungary to live in a village somewhere. 

Her solution to simplifying their lives. In Hungary they will be near her husband’s family so they’ll have support and life is cheaper.

Life in Australia is too expensive and well she doesn’t want to work forever.

I’m worried for them but then I guess if it doesn’t work out they can always come back here . Not sure about them being able to secure employment though taking years off to go overseas.