Where did the week go? It just kind of zoom by without a hello or good bye.

I’m washing towels at the moment then will have to go grab groceries.

Still trying to figure out what our exchange student can eat. Mind you her mum is a dietitian 😂 She’s a tiny little thing . She’s 16 and shorter than my 14 years old.

What I can get from her is that she can’t eat spicy but like sandwiches. Not sure what my little one made for her today for lunch. The salami I bought is a little bit spicy😩 

I’ve nearly caught up with everything. Have emailed a shift out to the vollies but no reply as yet. Worse comes to worse I’ll volunteer myself for it. It’s kind of early to be in the city by 723am.

Need to work on my tips document for the vollies.

Update my calendar. This next month is going to be awfully busy.

Today’s List:

Groceries: will buy some ham and turkey for the kids for them to pack school lunches. Need to buy water as well. And plan dinner for tomorrow.

Dinner: I’m making an effort as worried about our student . Going to make salmon hot pot , blanched broccoli and zucchini soup . Just comfort food to have with rice. 

Hopefully last night was just her too tired to eat. We had take away. Rice vermicelli with grilled pork and spring rolls. For dessert we had cake. I bought a fruit salad cake.