Hubby is trying to prove to me that he can sing. His logic is that if you listen to a song often enough and practise singing it like 1000s of time you’ll be good at it.

So far his experiment is not working too well. He still sounds awful . I’ve told him to stick to songs within his range but no he’s going for songs way out of his range. Resulting in him howling like the wolves 😂 may be more like strangling cats 😂

To him the harder they are the more challenging they are. The thing is I can’t get him to stop this experiment. 

Apparently his prize is that he’s going to make me eat my words and that he might get lucky in bed.

He’s already told me one serenade equates to one jig-a-jig. 

Got to give it to him though . He’s been singing for a year now. I catch him singing when I’m not around. He hasn’t improve one bit.