Yes I’ve been a pig. Nothing to be proud of. There was no Potens Sui there. At all. 

We went to the buffet on Saturday night and I spent the weekend with a sore tummy .

To me I didn’t eat that much or may be I did? They had little side plates for us to pile things on. Let see what I stuffed inside me for dinner.

2 little portions of noodles

2 Peking duck wraps

2 portions of stir fried vegies

1 soup

2 portions of pippies

1 spring roll

2 takoyaki balls

1 little portion of chips

1 little portion of rice and curry 

1 chopped up piece of soya chicken

1 portion of Kim chi

1 portion of octopus 

I think that was it for dinner. 

Then I had dessert

1 chocolate cupcake

1 blueberry muffin

1 green tea cake 

1 bowl of red bean soup

2 coconut jelly cups

2 fruit jelly cups

A few little slices of rock melon

1 chocolate mousse 

That was dessert, mind you their servings were tiny. Think the smallest cupcake shell you can find and that’s how small they are. 

Listing it all out I think I over did it. 

It is Monday and my tummy has not recover from the assault. I can’t even think about food today.

I didn’t get anything done on the weekend. It was a lazy Sunday no chores, no work, no dinner.

We ended up having pizza from the bar across the road . Since they didn’t have boxes for take away they let hubby bring them home on plates. Will have to remember to bring our own plates next time. 

The pizzas were very nice a bit expensive but worth it. They were $16-17 each. These three fed the 5 of us. Hubby made some instant noodles for him and our son. I ended up with some of his. 

We had the mango pudding for dessert. It’s quite nice. Very happy it turned out . Could do with a bit more mango.