I sent out shifts yesterday and one of the vollies got back to me. She told me she’ll accept the shift but only if the client wasn’t blind as she hasn’t been trained.

The client she chose was not blind but looking at where she’s going she might be vision impaired or hearing impaired. 

Since I don’t know the client as she’s a newbie I can’t tell. To be safe I thought I’ll send her some material to peruse.

Guiding the vision impaired is quite easy. It’s because they can still hear you. Thus it’s more of warning them of obstacles ahead like crowds, furniture or steps.

I find a good way of walking through crowds is just to stop for a minute or so. It’s quite funny it’s like what are they stopping for? Just imagine Moses parting water 😂

I usually go into this website to refresh whenever I have a shift with the vision impaired.