Okie so we came back from our walk for me to grab my back pack. 

Ginger asked if I would shower with him. I declined. He’s very cheeky.

In the end I thanked him for my coffee and gave him a hug and well left.

Well ummmm ahhhhhh ummmm not quite.

I let him play with my sultanas 😂

*Photo from the internet 

And well the result was they stood to attention and so did his little man.

I was tempted when I gave his little man a fondle. 

The thing is Ginger doesn’t watch what comes out of his mouth. I know we’ve known each other for a long time still some things are better left unsaid.

Like the fact that he hosted a girl the night before and has sore balls 😂 and I’m making his balls worse by teasing him further 😂

I left him to shower in search of lunch. This morning I received a text from him.

“V..I can’t stop thinking about your nipples. Lol. If you want to pop over for a Sunday session you’re welcome”