Some more came to mind today. So I’ll write.

There was the naughty sailor. He was cute as . Greying on the sides and English. He was down for the yacht races and did we have a weekend to remember. Pity he lived all the way on the other side of Australia. We had great fun.

An army personnel that never got past first base. He sounded okie on chat. In person he was boring as and it just happened on that day he must have emptied half a bottle of eu de cologne on himself to try and impress me.

A draftsman that I met in the US. His friends told him he should marry me and bring me over there. I laughed it off. He was a dreamer. I like my men to be doers.

A sugar daddy. He promised me the world. He took me to lunch in an expensive restaurant in Toorak or was it South Yarra in his Audi. Can’t remember.

Then for dinner it was to another restaurant by the water. That meal costed him $400. Problem was he kept on ordering me drinks and since I’m not a drinker he had them. In the end he never got to first base either . The groping turned me off. For someone with tons of money he had no class. I learnt a lesson that night.

A random that lived near my hidey hole. I was craving company one night. We met in a supermarket car park. I’d packed biscuits and tea bags and a thermos. After our cuppa and bickie we went for a walk down the beach in the dark.

Okie it was stupid . He could have been an axe murderer. He tried to kiss me and I declined. Thinking back he was big built and well he could have had me and I wouldn’t have been able to fight him off. The beach was deserted. One thing for sure I’m good at reading people. Needless to say I got home safely and lived to tell the tale.

To be continued.