Went wandering again

Little Saigon, entrance to Richmond.

The Fairy princess and the Dragon king had 100 eggs. Which became 100 sons and daughters. Since they couldn’t live together the king took 50 down near the sea and the princess took 50 up to the highlands. Thus became VN. City people are the original 50 by the sea. The highlands people are the original highlands.

The eggs are cells from one sack. Thus we are called đồng bào which means from one cell 😊

The eggs are in a boat signifying the boat people. 

Boat noodle soup craving checked 😂 loved it I’ll be back.

Don’t you just love this? Where else but Australia? 😂

A cool bar/cafe

And more

I’ve always wanted to go to this park 

It’s quite a nice one near Box Hill. Sat on the bench. 

Met a tall, dark and handsome gent who took me to his BMW and had his ways with me. Ummm more like kisses and fondling my boobs 😂 Okie okie I lied . I knew him but well have been busy and made him wait for the whole year for kisses and fondles 😂 I’m so mean 😂

They’ve got a playground and a BBQ area.