Feel bad. Have figured out how AM works now. The guys have to buy credits to talk to the girls. 

It’s like $3 for initial contact and there I am rejecting 90% of them.

No wonder they all plead their cases or else it’s $3 down the drain 😂

They did want me to pay for a particular guy so may be the good profiles they deem them as premium ? Not sure. I get plenty of winks so why pay? 

Guess I’m having that coffee with big dick after all. He apologised for crossing the line and accusing me of going by looks.

Told him he never sent me his face photo so he can’t use it against me lol.

Will go to coffee. There’s a Thai noodle place there I want to try for lunch so no loss if he turned out to be a dud. 

He finally sent me a face photo. Not bad looking so at least I have something to look at apart from drinking my coffee 😂