Okie so I get annoyed at him a lot . All these years we have always had take aways on the weekend.

Reason being is that 

1/ I don’t have to cook

2/ I don’t have to wash dishes.

It gives me time to work at the business and sort out the house. You know clean the fridge, groceries , do the laundry so the week after is organised for school and work.

Today I’d already made brunch /lunch. We didn’t go out for our usual family Sunday lunch. The kids didn’t bother to clear the table after lunch.

Then I came home from groceries to find he’s prepped for dinner. Scrambled eggs with garlic and tomatoes to have with rice and cucumber.

I was so annoyed as I was expecting take away. Okie so he cooked but it meant I was going to have to wash more dishes.

I’d already spent half the day washing a whole colander full of cutlery from last few days. Plus racks and racks of dishes. Loaded a full machine last night and this morning again.

Also cleaned the fridge which meant containers galore to wash. 

Chucked it and went and made myself some instant noodles. I couldn’t have another meal of rice since we had pan fried Chinese sausage and rice for lunch .

I mean I love my rice but two meals of rice in the one day? Arghhhhhh

He then tells me off that if I didn’t want him to cook why didn’t I say so on the phone?

Well I did ring home to ask what was on the shopping list. But then my boy said dad’s cooking dinner? A bit too late? 

Meanwhile I was thinking to myself you’re not touching me tonight. Not until you’ve done good and make up for it. 

Told the kids I do not want a single dish in the sink. Everyone has to do their dishes tonight. I’ve had enough.

He must have seen how annoyed I was so he did the dishes and wiped the table for me. 

As for tonight? No sex is on the menu. Or tomorrow morning until he’s redeemed himself.

As for tomorrow? I’m not cooking either. I’m going to order some yummy take away for dinner.

What gets to me is that we’ve been together for like 23 years and yet some days he still manage to stuff it up 😩