Yesterday was the most perfect day well until we fought. I used the phrase oh my god. He seems to think I deemed him stupid.

It’s to do the school’s laptop for next year . The youngest wants the $1800 one. He’s not willing to pay. It was because he didn’t read the fine print. It’s for 3 years and it’s a lease. Not an outright $1800 for one year to buy. That’s why I always have to read before I sign anything as I don’t trust him. 
He got upset and raised his voice at the dinner table. 

The oldest stepped in and told us not to fight at the table. 

We went for a walk later. He asked me and I told him I was still upset. He apologised. 

This morning we attempted sex. Attempted is the word. He knocked my calf so bad I think it’s going to bruise. So there goes sex.

Yes that’s our state of affairs. Thinking about it makes me sad. I don’t want to think about it.