I’m done with AM. I think I’ve found him. My walkies buddy. From what I can sus out he’s kind hearted. Every time we walk he always ask me if I wanted to be dropped off somewhere. 

Last night when I was bawling my eyes out he spent time with me.

Funny that. We had a great time today. I wasn’t attracted to him at first. He looked all right just not my ideal guy. Anyhow guess people do grow on you. 

Plus he has lots of spare time. That’s what I want. Someone that can get away for walkies. Not bound by young kids or work or such. Someone flexible.

Anyhow we will see how the next few walkies pan out. All good at the moment.

Today we found a hidey hole in the Botanical Gardens. His old hang out. So we sat in there. He got to play with my nipples and I got to play with his Junior. Even gave him a little suck. I only stopped when there’s passers by. It’s a gazebo underneath a tree. Thus if people don’t look under they’d never see it or us . I didn’t know it existed until he pointed it out. Perfect place to play.