Have only managed to tick three items off my list so far. It’s going to be a long process. 

I’m hoping to get the Christmas shopping done by end of the month so that what ever is on the credit card can be cleared in time for our January holidays. It’s a worry with the holiday looming.

I’ve paid for flights and hotels not tours or activities. With other holidays I’ve paid for them just so we only have to worry about spending money. Usually just food as I don’t tend to buy much. I hate carrying stuff back. Plus this time we are going for so long which means added expenses. 

And since hubby’s going to VN for 10 days that’s a cost in itself. Even though he will be staying at his mum’s place he’s got to put in for groceries and for parties. He’s also got to give money to all his relatives. That’s a few thousand dollars worth. I think last time it costed him 3K-4K. They all seem to think we are made of money. It’s rather hilarious considering we have to save up for our trips. We don’t upgrade our furnitures. We drive old cars. 

Anyhow hopefully everything will be okie. My walkies buddy laughed at me yesterday. He said I’m an over planner. Told him better that way. Better to be prepared than anxious. 

Found out he’s a Libra lol Libras and Capricorns don’t match or so they say 😂