My bank don’t like me 😩 finally figured out why I don’t have access to all of my accounts.

I must be any bank’s worse nightmare.

My name is hard to spell as is. It can be written as one word or two. Officially I have it as one.

Then I have a middle name that is dropped off on some of my documents.

I thought well if I leave it off it’s easier. Apparently not 😩

Now it’s a big mess. Here is hoping they can figure it out.

Not only that only found out today hubby applied for a debit /credit card that ummm is linked to our savings.

He must have got his wires crossed. What I wanted was a card that can be linked so we can transfer money into it for travelling. That way if we lose it then we don’t lose too much.

Not linked as such to our savings. What’s the point then? Hmmm and he calls me a control freak.

Found out from my parents today the hire car people don’t accept debit/credit cards.

Guess we still have to hang on to our credit card then .

On a brighter clearer note I got new glasses today.

How cool are they?