Why am I quiet? I’ve been naughty and reading porn. Then attacking hubby 😂 he’s had two goes since last night 😂

I’m buggered . Not buggered as in something up my backside. Buggered as in tired as. I might let him rest and do him in the morning 😂

Those stories are ummmm working. They get me so horny. My nipples standing up on ends and hard as. My insides tight and wet and all I want is a good screw.

Hubby joked he might have to take vitamins to keep up with me 😂

Tonight’s dinner was left overs. I did buy meat to make dinner only to find it rotten when I got home. I’m paranoid. The meat had a chemical smell like someone chucked it into the disinfectant to keep it from being off.

I made some clear soup. Found some vegie stock and prawn heads in the freezer. I had two bunches of Malabar spinach from last week to add to the soup.

That was dinner for the 4 of us.

I bought a durian sponge only to find my dad bought one for us too. In the end I gave him back half of one. We’ve since finished the rest. Only one cake to go.