In a pod.

At dinner we were talking and I told them how I love the new dressing best. It’s a mixture of olive oil, equal parts of lime and honey and a little of mild whole mustard seeds.

Then my son asked me how come the doors haven’t been installed? I replied they need to be coated.

We were half way through the conversation when I noticed hubby and the youngest gave us blank stares . They didn’t realise we’ve moved on with our conversation.

The youngest was like when did it change to doors? How random? You can’t just change topic like that ? You didn’t say what kind of door you’re talking about.

I laughed. I knew he was talking about the toilet doors.

Hubby was like only your mum get what you’re talking about. You guys are the same. On a different wavelength to everyone else’s.

I denied, no we are not. You guys weren’t paying attention. Okie I must admit we do go off tangent and we both talk in short hand and it frustrates the family. We kind of move from one topic to the next without warning people what we are going to talk about . It’s what’s in our head at that moment in time . I get what he’s thinking as he’s just like me.

Hubby get really frustrated with me as he can’t follow my conversation. I might be talking about something and I move on to something quite unrelated . And well he just can’t connect the dots 😂

Tonight he’s like you’re more intelligent than me that’s why I don’t get it. I think he was trying to be sarcastic 😂

Anyhow it’s fun. It’s nice that out of the three kids one gets me 😂