Both of my men are limping. Hubby did his Achilles in during his First Aid course.

Mr Boardie played netball and ummm sprained his ankle on Wednesday night.

So I’ve got two limpers 😂

I went wandering yesterday to our government house again. Our gardens.

Their dining table sits 54. The most important person sits right in the middle and then according to rank they move outwards.

The ballroom. I’ve taken photos of this before. It’s only slightly smaller than the ballroom at Buckingham palace. It’s longer so it gives an impression of being bigger but it’s narrower.

Can you see the chandeliers? It’s the same one they have at the palace. This house was built to show off the money we had during the gold rush days.

It was so over the top that during the Great Depression it was turned into a school for girls as they thought it was too opulent for the governor to reside in when everyone else was going through hard times.

It just happened the girl school was my school 😂 and we damaged some part of the original floors.

We used to put up the royals at our beautiful hotels but due to the security risks these days they get to stay here. There are 8 suites at the house.

Apparently it’s safer at the house with all its guards. To access the house they do a full body scan and you also have to show your passports or drivers. There are security guards all around.

The windows have lost their gilding as during WWWI they blacked out the windows. Thus when they came to remove the black tar substance all the fancy stuff came off with it.

The old kitchen with gas stove and everything that you might find in the modern home except for the microwave.

They had it good.

The stables and where the farriers stayed. The tour guide said he’s been in to their quarters and it’s beautiful and well kept. So even the servants had it good.

The vegies garden, a new incentive. The governor uses the produce for her monthly meets with the new refugee groups. They cook together and sits down to eat. What a wonderful idea.

The flag means the governor is somewhere in the State.

The top level was where the servants lived.

Apparently the governor goes straight to the Queen. He or she represent Victoria. Our Governor General represent the Commonwealth of Australia but if they are at the house they fall under our jurisdiction. How funny is that?