I don’t know why I’m such a chicken. It’s like if I can drive all the way down to Ocean Grove I can drive anywhere.

Hmmm my biggest fear is driving within the CBD. And well on the fringe as well. It’s not like I haven’t driven in the CBD before or doing hook turns? I have.


It’s just I have a fear of unfamiliar roads and not knowing which lane to take. Especially in peak traffic when you can’t really change lanes too quick.

Anyhow fast forward to the Tuesday coming. I’m a bit worried how the hell am I going to get down to OG from Mr Boardie’s place.

So his plans is that tomorrow afternoon when we meet for cuddles we are going driving. Short drives so I can familiarise myself with the route to the freeway entrance. Once I’m on the freeway I should be okie.

One thing about Mr Boardie that I like is that he’s an action man. He gets things done. Plus he’s a problem solver. We are alike in a way.

Now how to solve my other problem with hubby. Hubby is a bit miffed that I’ve gone exclusive with Mr Boardie. He reckons Mr Boardie has more sex with me than he has which is bollocks 😩

Told Mr Boardie and he replied . Tell hubby he’s in front once you’ve jumped him today 😩

The two of them are terrible 😩 I’m a sucker for funny guys.