Our rice cooker is on its last leg. It’s been dropped that many times, I’ve lost count.

Yesterday I decided I’ll get a new one. My oldest insisted on the Cuckoo brand (Korean). Her friend has one and she was awed with what it can do.

She told me she’ll make pulled pork for us 😂

Our last one was Tiger (Japanese). I’ve had it for about 15-20 years? Or there about? I can’t remember.

Well this is the Porsche of rice cookers. I forked out $400+. There was a cheaper one but it only speaks in Korean 😂 The top of the range was like $700+. Crazy huh? Apparently it’s a pressure cooker as well.

I had to read the instruction book to work the damn thing. When you turn it on it says hello. When you press the menu button all the menu comes up.

Then you choose the one you want. You can also set it as a favourite. Press the glut turbo or pressure cook. Tonight it reminded me that I didn’t lock the lid. At least it’s smart. Here is hoping no more uncooked rice.

I’m looking forward to cooking glutinous rice in it. Otherwise it’s a pain. My old one all I do is press the button and it’s done.

Fingers crossed this one lasts as long as my Tiger one. $400 for 20 years that’s like $100 every 5 years, $20 a year is okie in my book 😊