Took myself to the doc to figure out why I’ve been so sick. Anyhow her diagnosis. I’ve got a viral sore throat , mild temperature and as for my tummy symptoms she reckons it’s gastritis that hasn’t heal properly.

So there goes. Nothing major thank goodness. My throat still hurts but not as much as before. I’m downing Paracetamol to help with my pain and fever.

Since I can’t taste anything much and still worried about my tummy I’ve gone off food. So have lost another kilo.

I’m now sitting on 51kg (112-113lbs) only 2 more kilos to go.

The small portions helped. Well I don’t want to irritate my tummy plus I’m trying to be good and eat at around the same time. No more stretching meals out.

Fingers crossed this is only a scare for me. Need to look after myself more.

Hubby is off to VN in 3 weeks. I need to have a discussion with him before then. We are hardly talking to each other.

Caught up with my manager the other morning. Just heard a colleague that I went through pharmacy with is now palliative. She’s a year younger than me with a son a year younger than my youngest.

I think she’s given up. Her lung transplant didn’t go well. Didn’t last that long. Only a year and a bit.

She’s had transplants before so guess this was the last straw.

So sad. There you go life is so short go out and do stuff. You never know when it ends.

That’s why I’m going to have this talk. If he wants out then we will divorce. I’m tired of worrying about him and VN.