I’m thankful that we’ve been diligently paying off our mortgage. It makes splitting the assets much easier.

I’ve actually secured 4 valuations. For the properties. Had to tell the guy doing my parents’ place that we are divorcing thus needing to sort out our finances. That way hopefully they don’t bother my parents.

I also went to see an open for inspection today near Mr Boardie’s place. You can’t even swing a cat in it. They were asking 700-700K for a 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a car space apartment.


The living room was tiny. Fitted a TV and a two seater sofa. It had views of the bay and the Westgate bridge though.

I only went for fun to see what’s available and to gauge the market.

I want to live nearer to the CBD. My ideal position would be Southbank.

I can just cross the river and be in the city. Plus I’m close to the gardens. It is also close to the South Melbourne Market for groceries and freeway entrances.

Though if I’m that close to the city I can pretty much ditch my car. Use the free public transport on offer within the free zone which has stops on the other side of the river. Or where the Art Precinct is.

Click to access PTV-Free-Tram-Zone-Map.pdf

Southern Cross Station Precinct (near Etihad Stadium) is also a good place to be as I’m next to the Skybus to the airport, regional trains, metro trains and trams. I can also cross the river to Southbank. I can catch trams to the market and the beach (Port Melbourne or St Kilda).

Parliament Station ( train symbol above the words Exhibition St) Precinct is good too as it’s near the gardens and Chinatown.

I do like Melbourne Central Precinct ( Emporium) It’s got shops, groceries, restaurants, food court and the station itself.

Lots to think about. I’ll keep on going to openings to see what’s available.

As for us we’ve been talking heaps and lots of cuddles. We went for a walk today. It was nice. Now I know why we keep on falling back into man and wife mode. It’s nicer as friends. We treat each other better.

We tell each other stuff. He told me don’t expect him home til lunch. I told him I’m off to lunch with the kinder mums.

I’m to arrange for paperwork so we sell our beach house. That way we can get rid of our debt.

He will sign for it when he gets back. Hopeful to put it on the market by Spring (September) That way if anyone picks it up it might settle by December for the holiday season.

Then we can take the rental back and furnish it and leave it for the kids to use during the academic year. It’s very close to the Uni and RMIT.

I’m hoping that after two years they will see it as home and when I do move into it it’s not too unfamiliar.

Or I’ll leave it as a rental and rent elsewhere.

So much to think about. One thing at a time.

Our dinner tonight at Papa Gino’s. It was a total of $44-45 for the two of us. I couldn’t finish my entree size carbonara. It was massive. At other restaurants it would be called a main.

No wonder there was a line. Food was edible and cheap.