Funny how with a different mindset things work.

We’ve been having regular sex. Well after all just friends with benefits now. He treats me better. He even takes his ear phones off when I talk to him. Not like before when he’d leave it in and I have to yank it off or motion him to take it off.

We will sell the beach place to reduce the mortgage. The valuation on our place that we live in will determine how much I need to pay him out as we still owe money on the house.

Have asked him to shoulder the loan to release the rentals’ title to me. Ie put it against our house.

The rental will pay the loan for now.

I don’t have the money to pay and no job to get a loan which means I’ll have to sell the rental and buy something cheaper to pay my share.

It’s all good. I want to be fair. I don’t want to claw any money from him that I am not entitled to.

The business will stay as is. I will take on the role of the book keeper to keep an eye on the money!! It will also earn me 12K a year.

Profit will be my other source of income. I’ll be tight but with no rent to pay and no transport costs I should be okie.

I like this apartment. I can rent out one room for extra money. Not ready as yet to buy but will buy in this area in the future as it’s quieter. I can still walk to the gardens and to the CBD. At night I can catch Uber or tram back. It’s quite safe.

I’m going to the open tomorrow to see what it’s like. Then will attend the auction in early August.