The Good,

This morning I arranged for valuation of my hidey hole. It went well. They valued it just a tiny bit more than we anticipated.

I also packed up my kids’ gaming stuff. It made me sad. Then I drove home.

I was at the drive thru getting some KFC for lunch when the phone had a miss call. I rang back and our neighbour told me the good news.

It was by coincidence she had a knock on her door today from a realestate agent enquiring if anyone was selling their house.

She took his number and sent it to me. A buyer’s advocate. Apparently he was asked by his client to knock on our doors to find out if anyone was selling. As they were interested in the front unit but wanted the back. It is because we are much higher up and had better views.

I’ve since called him and his client is willing to settle in 90-120 days. I’ve told him we can settle mid December so the new owners can enjoy the house for the coming Summer.

It means this coming week I’m heading down to clean up as most likely I’ll have to take them through next weekend.

I have told our agent I’ll let them know by August if I’ll list with them or not to buy me time. I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not but it looks like the stars are aligning themselves.

If it works out I won’t have to pay agent’s fees.

The bad,

I rang hubby to tell him the good news and he brushed me off. He told me straight he needs to get back to his drinking. I was pissed off. I felt like a nobody. I felt hurt and offended. I felt like he’s doing it to show the people there that he’s manly. You know one that tells the wife to sit and she sits.

The ugly,

It made me think may be it’s all a charade. Him being sweet and everything to keep me on my good side. The reality is he doesn’t care anymore. It hurts. The reality is I can cause a lot of damage. He knows that.

If I sell my half of the business to the highest bidder he will be in strife. He won’t have enough money to service his loans.

It will become the War of the Roses. Tonight the devil in me wanted to go through his wardrobe and cut holes in every pair of pants he owns.

The angel in me says don’t stoop so low. You’re not that person . You’re a nice and reasonable person. Think of the kids.

My head says to me go get legal aid. Go get a business valuation. So tonight I have read up on it. On Monday I will contact a well known firm for a business valuation.

I’m not stupid. Don’t ever underestimate me. I won’t just take my half. I can create so much damage and chaos there won’t be anything left to salvage.

The thing is I don’t want to be that person. Why do people just want us to be ugly? Why can’t they treat us nice so we stay the angel forever? Why do they like to turn us into demons?

I don’t want to fight. I just want peace.