We told the kids the other night. They took it okie.

Basically it was we are going through a rough patch. In the scheme of things nothing will change.

We won’t be bringing people home. He’s going to get the snip so they don’t have to worry about half brothers and sisters.

That I might be moving out if things don’t work.

The girls cried. Our son came up and gave us each a hug and said I love you dad. I love you mum.

My youngest I feel blames him. She came up to me and when I said sorry she replied you don’t have to stay with dad because of me mum.

Today I went over to tell mum. No doubt she will tell dad later. She was like we can move into a smaller house if you decide to sell this place. I told her no. I’ll take it back but it’s their house like we’d agree.

She also told me the multiple times she left my dad. Yet they are still married til this day. She told me if you still care and think he’s worth it then do not give anyone the opportunity.

The thing is it’s not up to me now. It’s up to him.

One thing though we’ve worked it all out. I’ll keep our portion of mum and dad’s house and the commercial bit of our building to generate rent. Rent is about 70K p.a. Which will be what I’ll live on. If I’m careful with it I won’t need to find a job.

In turn he keeps the business, our apartment, our rental and our 900K loan plus another 400K to buy me out of the business.

That 400K I’ll have to borrow 200-300K on top to buy a 2 bedrooms apartment to live in.

It actually works better this way as I won’t have to worry about the business takings. Don’t have to pull my hair out thinking what has he done with the money.

A family friend asked me if I’ve got a good divorce lawyer. I said no. No need.