After going through that rental I was like might as well give up. As soon as you went up to the floor the nauseating food odour hits you like a heat wave. There was nowhere to turn. The apartment itself though advertised as a one bedroom was more like a studio.

The view was great. That’s the only thing going for it. Every time a train went past it thundered. I didn’t realise how loud it was. I was hoping that it’s not so bad. Since I’ve lived next to the railways most of my life.

From the look of the hopefuls they were all from overseas here on a visa.

After that dismal inspection I kind of gave up and started looking for a place to live again.

Found one that I rather liked. A low rise and no food smell πŸ˜‚

I thought I could live there. Except when I left the apartment I was itching all over. Not sure why? Warning bells?

I even discussed it with hubby that I wouldn’t mind living there. Anyhow this morning I went through the website to search for planning permits. And sure enough the low rise that was opposite the balcony had a planning permit application for a 58 storeys. No wonder they are all selling 😩

As once it goes up all the apartments facing that way will be holed in. Their balconies will be looking at a wall.

Back to square one. Saw another 06 configuration from my cousin’s building up for sale. The agent told me they are hard to come by . Well, three up for sale within weeks of each other. Something doesn’t add up.

Only realised looking at the plans it’s because they are building a new one on that side thus will block their ocean view 😩 Just lovely.

Tired of looking I’ve reassessed my criteria. I want something small but has useable space so I can house the kids when need be. It also has to fit my wandering lifestyle. I also want to be near the water. I do not want high rises for the mere fact they can be built out. I do need the new space to be in a functional area. Nice to live in, with shops near by.

I’ve decided to plonk myself in Port Melbourne. Not because of Mr Boardie but because it suits. I can go walkies on the beach. The market is a 20 minutes walk away or I can drive there. Public transport is about a 10 minutes walk away.

Hubby has been agreeable. He’s going to see if we can get a bridging loan to buy the apartment. That way I’ll have somewhere to live.

I’m going to try to keep to the 400-450K range so that if need be I’ll only have a 100K mortgage maximum.

Tomorrow I’m going to ring the agent to arrange for an inspection.

My oldest has been baking. Black sesame macaron with matcha and passionfruit filling.