The glass people has gotten back to me. They quoted 3.5K. The next lot quoted 6.5K for a retractable one. I’ve got one more mob to go.

The bed guy has just gotten back to me. His quote was like 8.2K. For melamine lol

Anyhow still got a few months yet. This mob does timber bench tops for $650/m2 unfinished.

I think I want it for my new bench.

This mob is nicer though I think they would cost an arm and a leg. Williamstown is very close to Port. Only a short drive away. Guess it doesn’t hurt to enquire.

Where as this mob does kitchen. They are just down the road from me. Well about a 10 minutes drive. I think I’ll go and get them to quote me on the wall unit.

I want to get it right.

As for the granite it’s like up to 2K per m2. I’m still contemplating. If I get mid-range granite it shouldn’t cost too much. And the kitchen people can put it in for me. Kill two birds with the one stone.

The thing is by the time I get the sink and stove cut out there’s not that much left of the bench top.

So many options. So many choices. I suck at making decisions.