It’s weird . We are supposed to be separating and what not yet I don’t know what we are anymore.

Yes we are still f..each other. Still share the same bed. My girl friends asked me why?

I responded simply. Well I’ve got needs so when I want to and well it’s convenience. Instead of going out to find someone I just make him put on a condom and off we’d go.

The thing is it’s not like man and wife because he has no rights now. I’m calling the shots. If he doesn’t make me wet then no f…

His niece is having her 30th anniversary end of next month and well she’s invited the whole family.

It’s either they haven’t gotten the message or they are confused at how we treat each other. Most people are surprised that we don’t hate each other’s guts ? It’s weird.

So do I wear my piece de resistance ? A navy blue dress with split down to my butt? Or do I go hunting for a new dress?

I’m going to get the oldest to do my hair and make up.

Going to scrub up real good so even my in laws won’t recognise me lol

I don’t want them to think of me as a loser. Plus I’ve got a reputation to protect πŸ˜‚

This dress looks nice. It’s supposed to be a mini but on me it won’t be a mini. It will look slightly longer. A more respectable length. Simple but elegant πŸ˜‚

Link to the dress. It looks really nice and sexy as hell.